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We Call Them "The Mountain Men"... Scott Zoellick, Don Kloetzke, and Jerry Gadamus. Their artistic inspiration comes from a love of the outdoors and the wildlife that thrives there. A constant renewal of outdoor experiences keeps their brushes on the cutting edge of the colorful wildlife art world. They have become close friends, painting together in the mountains and critiquing each other's work. Sometimes they work together on the same painting. The prints "Six Pack" and "The Honeymooners" are excellent examples of this unique relationship.

Each artist Has His Own Nitch. While each artist has his own painting style, they are also distinctly different for other reasons. Don Kloetzke, known for his Packer football prints, has been recognized nationally as one of the ten best in print sales. Scott Zoellick is known for his incredible attention to detail and his paintings have graced the covers of dozens of national magazines. And, Jerry Gadamus is known for his unique airbrush work, all done without the aid of an ordinary brush. Gadamus' work has been featured in Wildlife Art News, Inform Art, and many other art magazines. All three have received endless awards and commissions. Thunder Mountain Press is proud to represent them.

High Quality is Our Number One Concern. From our beginning in 1992, when Scott Zoellick created Thunder Mountain Press, we have been dedicated to publishing art prints of exceptional quality. Our "giclee" prints are so accurate in color and detail that even the artists mistake them for the original painting. We use only the finest materials, acid-free papers and mats. We are proud to have grown to include not only a collection popular limited-edition fine art prints by some of America's most highly respected wildlife artists in the country, but also a large assortment of related art creations, note cards and ready-to-hang pictures.

Our Home is in a Quaint, Beautiful Area. Thunder Mountain Gallery is located in the exquisite downtown area of Oconomowoc right on Wisconsin Avenue. Our gallery is in a convenient first floor space within the Avenue Square Mall next door to Coldwell Banker Elite. Here we find the enviroment we need to provide the highest quality products and services.

We welcome visitors Monday through Friday or by appointment.
Take a trip with us into a wilderness that "The Mountain Men" have created.

Thunder Mountain Gallery Bringing the Wilderness to Life.

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