Gadamus Art Prints

Framed "Cape Fear"

"Up Close and Curious"


"Badgers Diggin' It"

"Lazy Boy"

"Lickin' Stick"

"Lacy Red"

"Full Circle"

"Morning Stillness"

"Autumn Ringnecks"

"Got Beef?"

"More Milk Please?"

"Wind Chaser"

"Great Spirited Paints"

"Spirited Gift"

"Little Dogies"

"All in the Family"

"Up Close and Personal"

"Stranger in Town"

"First Kiss"

"King of Hearts"

"The Hang Out"

"Ramblin' Rose"

"Nutty Friend"

"Splash O' Color"

"The Color of Gold"

"Music Man"

"Got Milk?"

"King's Platter"

"Sittin' Tight"

"Cabin Creek Chickadee"

"Black Berry Blue"

"Scarlet Sanctuary"


"A Fresh Snow"

"Downey Delight"

"Gossamer Wings"

"Morning Run"

"Six Pack"

"Moon Shadows"

"Grandpa's Hideout"

"The Edge of Light"


"Campfire Songs"

"Raptor in White"

"Fiends in the Field"

"Pinnacle of Color"

"Golden Heritage"

"Candlewood Cash"

"Storm Watch"

"Watershed Refuge"

"Winter's Iridescence"

"Chickadee Dee Decoy"

"The Honeymooners"

"September Robin"

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