Quality is #1
Thunder Mountain Press maintains unsurpassed quality standards and we take pride
in our products. We want our customers to be happy with their purchase for years to come.

Artwork is available in limited-edition prints, giclee prints, canvas transfers, originals and bronze sculptures.

Limited-Edition Prints:

This means that the image will never again be printed in the same format, thus maintaining its value for many years. All images are printed on the best heavy, acid-free paper with fade resistant inks. Each limited-edition print is guaranteed with a signed Certificate of Authenticity that provides a quality warranty.

Giclee Prints:

Giclee prints give you the detail and presence of original paintings, but for less cost. This type of digital jet printing has become a welcome addition to many of the world's finest art galleries and is the new museum standard of quality. The name giclee means "spraying of ink" in French, and can be ordered on heavy watercolor paper or on stretched canvas. Transparent colors overlap creating millions more colors than in conventional painting. Fade resistant inks are then sprayed on. The result is a print on canvas that is so color-accurate that only the artist can tell the difference. If you appreciate the beauty of a Rolex watch or a Ferrari automobile, then you will appreciate a giclee print - and when paired with the artistry of our nationally famous artists, you have an unbeatable combination.

Giclee prints are additionally available in dramatic larger custom sizes. If you are looking for a strong focal point in your office or home, then a large giclee print or canvas is the perfect combination.

Canvas Transfers:

Canvas transfers have been recognized over the past decade as an elegant alternative to glass framed lithograph images. They give the look and texture of an original painting to paper art by transferring color onto an artist's canvas. First, a lithograph on paper is coated with acrylic emulsion containing the highest recommended amount of UV inhibitors. When the acrylic is dry, the print is covered with a solution that helps to seperate the image from the paper it was printed on. The image is now bonded to the acrylic and free of paper. This film is then carefully bonded to the highest quality wraparound artist's canvas. Finally, the image undergoes a series of rigorous inspections that ensure the work is of superior quality. The result is a beautifully unique reproduction that maintains the integrity of the lithograph, while increasing its appeal and value.

Originals Paintings:

Original paintings are one-of-a-kind works of art. Each of the nationally-renowned artists that Thunder Mountain Press represents maintains his own unique style and works within various mediums. These pieces are often-times commissioned by private collectors and businesses.

Bronze Sculptures:

Both Scott Zoellick and Jerry Gadamus have released exquisite bronze sculptures. To create these, they worked with world-renowned sculptor Tom Queoff in a complex and time-honored process. Click here to view the available bronze sculptures and to learn more about each.

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