Add the charm of wildlife art to your marketing plans!
Everyone enjoys nature. No matter what your products or services are, there is a definite benefit to creating an attractive and tasteful image for your company.

Thunder Mountain Press primarily markets limited-edition fine-art prints to hundreds of art galleries throughout North America. Now we are pleased to offer these images for commercial use through the contracted agreements for the use of reproduction rights.

Test-marketed Art: Licensing through Thunder Mountain Press offers a unique benefit in that the majority of our images have already been "test marketed" for consumer appeal as most have been released to the public as limited-edition prints - many of which have sold out.

Thunder Mountain Press has a diverse portfolio
of subjects to choose from, including gamebirds, songbirds, fish and most animals found in North America, as well as various landscape scenes. We pride ourselves in offering timeless, realistic art that never goes out of style. Past agreements have included the use of Thunder Mountain Press images on greeting cards, coffee mugs, clocks, knife handles, plates, t-shirts, tabletops, wine bottles and even wall murals.

Potential uses for these images are innumerable and left to your imagination. We have the capability to assist you with any of your requirements.

Plus, dozens of outdoor magazines have featured the work of Thunder Mountain Press artists as covers and story illustrations (Field & Stream and Outdoor Life, among many others). We have an extensive background in advertising, marketing and graphics, so do not hesitate to contact us with any of your "wild" ideas!

* The images on this site may be downloaded or printed for layout and presentation use. The majority of our paintings are available in high-resolution, digital format. For more information call: 1-800-452-7574

Past clients have included:
  • Miller Brewing Company
    (several series of point-of-purchase mirrors.)
  • Great Lakes Dart
    (images placed on fine cues and dartboards.)

  • Leinenkugal Brewing Company
    (images created and placed for labels and cartons.)
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